Work for Commercial Clients and Local Authorities

N.R. Grundy Landscapes carries out services for a number of businesses, developers, parish councils, and local authorities. The assistance we provide ranges from individual tasks to comprehensive projects that involve extensive planning, close consultations, and skilled project management.

Keeping Things Simple

Our ability to design and complete projects capably means clients aren’t forced to contact multiple contractors throughout the duration of the project. Instead, you’ll enjoy one convenient point of contact for any consultations or enquiries.

Detailed Project Specifications

All forms of external work are drawn up with a full, detailed specification list. The list is accompanied with associated planting plans when necessary. That way, all parties will have a thorough understanding of what work is to be completed.

Insured and Safety-Conscious

N.R. Grundy Landscapes possesses all relevant forms of insurance. We follow policies that cover important issues such health and safety and public liability.


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