Commission Quality Landscape Gardening in Burntwood, Staffordshire

For best-in-class gardening services, look no further than the landscape gardening offered by N.R. Grundy Landscapes. Based in Burntwood, Staffordshire, our gardeners carry out practical, effective gardening services that make gardens look exceptional throughout the year.

Front Gardens

Because front gardens tend to vary in size, we work diligently to adapt our design and landscaping services accordingly. In the front garden, most people are looking for something attractive and low-maintenance. We’ll achieve this for you while adding colour and style to the front of your property. Often, we carry out landscaping for front gardens while also renewing driveways.


Decking is truly versatile. It can be laid in a number of ways to create a variety of eye-catching patterns, or multiple levels can be constructed to create a timeless, interesting design. Hardwood or pressure-treated softwood timber may be used for decking. Both forms of timber have an expected lifespan of more than 20 years, and come in grooved or plain varieties. Please bear in mind that different kinds of maintenance are required for different forms of decking.

Fencing and Trellising

At N.R. Grundy Landscapes, we carry out installations of all fencing types, from traditional gardening fencing to ranch-style, chain-link, and rabbit netting or wire fencing. Meanwhile, the trellises we provide are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Plus, they can be made to order.

Gravel Gardens

Gravel gardens continue to grow in popularity as a wonderfully decorative garden feature. As an added bonus, gravel gardens work to reduce the overall maintenance requirements of your garden. To ensure your gravel garden is protected against weed growth, we place Plantex™ weed-guard membrane underneath.

The gravel gardens we produce are designed with your preferences in mind. Planting areas, rocks, and water features can all be added to create a style that is unique to your tastes.

Garden Lighting

Quality lighting makes a huge difference to the appearance of your home and garden. With the right lighting, your garden will become the perfect spot to enjoy an evening. What’s more, our lighting adds ambience and intrigue even as you look out from inside. This is especially true when you have a conservatory.


Skilled and efficient, our team produces many styles of path. A large variety of materials are available to choose from.


When you’re interested in patios, we’ll give you a large range of colours and patterns to choose from, including circle and star designs. Most customers opt for natural stone slabs, which possess many advantages over concrete slabs. All of the slabs we install are laid on a bed of mortar and are cut to size whenever necessary. They’re also pointed using Cementone™ jointing compound for an attractive, secure finish.


At N.R. Grundy Landscapes, we have the skills and resources needed to turf areas of any size. What’s more, we’ll take care of all necessary preparatory work, such as the removal of existing lawns, site clearance, levelling, grading, and raking of the soil. From broadleaf to fine ornamental lawns, we offer a number of grades of turf. Artificial grass is also available.

Walling and Retainers

From small, ornamental walls through to structural retaining walls, our team works tirelessly to craft quality walling that matches your needs exactly. A variety of materials are used, including bricks, blocks, timber, or a combination of the three.

Water Features and Ponds

Today, there is a huge variety of water features available. The products we offer range from modern, stainless steel designs to natural stone monoliths, millstones, and a number of pebbles. All of our water features possess an underlying sump and pump, which is covered by gravel or stones in order to make it completely safe. The ponds we create vary greatly in style and can be crafted to accommodate your preferences.


Contact us today, in Burntwood, Staffordshire, to learn more about the landscape gardening and gardening services we provide.